Electronic Security

Treanor Security Systems currently install the “Record” range of Automatic Door Systems,
which are always safe and reliable.
These can be installed in a variety of colours and finishes.
The “Record” range combines modern technology with reliability.

Applications Covered
  • Bi-Parting Doors
  • Simple Slide Doors
  • Curved Doors
  • Folding Doors
  • Swing Doors
  • Revolving Dooors
  • and other applications which we can discuss with you.                                              
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Treanor Security Systems install Fire Alarm Systems conforming to Irish Standard IS:3218
All our systems are installed to give the highest protection required depending on the needs of the customer; Whether in a domestic or commercial setting, the system will be professionally installed.
We have a 24 / 365 back up service available to give you added peace of mind. Fire Alarm Systems can be of the conventional or addressable type. We use the CFP range of panels and C-Tec detectors.
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One of the best deterrents to crime in recent years is the use of CCTV. Good images from appropriately positioned cameras can be invaluable in the fight against crime.
Treanor Security Systems can install simple monitoring systems for domestic use or highly sophisticated systems for the commercial setup.
The Dowshu range of Digital Video Recorders allows you to search for incidents with accuracy & speed and gives good quality umages which can be retrieved onto CD. Digital Video Recorders extend to 4, 8, 16, and 32 cameras systems with remote access and network capability.
Treanor Security Systems supply and install a full range of automatic gate systems and barriers to suit the domestic and commercial market. We are currently using the Ditec & FAAC range of automated systems.

Range of Products:

  • Underground Automation for Swing Gates
  • External Automation for Swing Gates
  • Sliding Gate Automation
  • Automatic Barriers for Car Parking Sites
There is an automatic gate system available to suit all situations, the above are just a few examples.
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“Is your premises safe when you’re not at home?”

Your burglar alarm system is an investment for today as well as tomorrow. It must be carefully planned, installed and serviced regularly by experts.
All installations by Treanor Secuirty Systems are certifed by the National Standard Authority of Ireland to the Standard IS: EN50131-1: 2006, Licence No: IAS-1054
The securewatch range of alarm equipment that we use is extremely reliable & user friendly.
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Treanor Security Systems have a wide range of safes available to suit both the home and the workplace.
Our main range of safes is the “Securikey” and “Technomax”. Safes are in a wide range of sizes and strengths.
  • Free Standing Safe
  • Hotel / Domestic Safes
  • Fire Resistant
  •  Underfloor Safes

               Specialist Safes : ie, Vehicle Safes, Deposit Safes, Till Safes

               And a wide range of other products.
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Cash In Transit

Choose TSS Treanor Security Cash In Transportation services

As a comprehensive cash logistics provider, TSS Treanor Security is squarely focused on helping businesses like yours spend their time building profits, not handling cash.

Using TSS Treanor Security is like having your bank right inside your business.

Whether you’re a large multi-national corporation or a local neighborhood store, when your business makes a cash sale, the money from that sale is both an asset and a liability. Of course, the more successful your business becomes, the more cash it generates. Unfortunately, a lot of cash means a lot of risk. Minimizing that risk is exactly why businesses in Ireland use TSS for cash in transit of their cash and valuables.

 TSS utilizes a variety of fully armored vehicles in its fleet to securely transport cash and valuables for financial institutions and retailers of all sizes. Each vehicle is staffed with dedicated trained security personnel. Our unique procedures provide strong audit systems that allow for safe and secure transactions at your locations. TSS’s comprehensive all risk insurance guarantees while in our possession, that you will not suffer a loss. Imagine how the use of our secure logistics reduces your risk and keeps your employees focused on growing revenue and improving customer service.

Choose TSS’s Cash Management Solutions

Using TSS’s Cash Management Solutions allows a reduction of cash management fees as your bank.


Have your bank charges reduced by 30% and funds transferred by EFT the next working day


Save up to 30% on bank charges by having all quantities of notes and coins delivered to your  business


Fully operational ATM delivered nationwide to your event and functions, helping increase event cash flow


Nationwide Cash in Transit Services, TSS  fully insured services 7 days a week


TSS fully insured retail ATM Replenishment operates nationwide 7 days a week, helping you reduce costs and risks.


Store your cash securely with our automatic sorting machines which will be collected by our fully trained security personnel

Full Range of ATM End to End Service Solutions Available

  • Financial Institutions ATM machines (Branch and Off Site)
  • Retailer/self fill ATM Machine
  • Cash/Cassette Loading
  • Cash Reconciliation
  • First Line Machine (FLM)
  • Second Line Machine (SLM)
  • Reporting
  • Cash Recycle Process available using ECB approved processing equipment

Door to Door International Transportation of Valuable Cargo

TSS International Services cover a wide range of global services which include safe storage, ground transportation, free-port activities and money processing. All activities are organised and monitored by fully trained staff.

TSS operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure safe transportation and storage of  valuable goods including Jewellery, Bank Notes, Credit Cards, Precious Stones and Metals, and all other Valuable Goods.

Banknote & Coinage Brokerage Services Available

Supply, Processing, Reporting, Teller Cash, Banking etc

Vending Machine Services Available

Servicing, Processing, Reconciliation, Reporting, Banking etc

Reconciliation, Reporting, Banking etc PayParking Services Available

Servicing, Processing, Reconcilation,Reporting,Banking etc

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